Band Booking

Looking to book a band for an event?

We can find you a band in any genre you can imagine.

Let us find the perfect band for you

Venues, events, weddings or corporate events, if you need a band we can provide you one of any genre. From international and national touring acts to local superstars, we have the connections and experience to book the perfect band for your event.

Our services

Personalized to Your Event

We've worked with hundreds of artists a year for several years. Our network includes international talent agencies, local artists and solo players. Let us know what you were looking for and we can present you with a few options.

Making An Offer

Our team understands the process of presenting and negotiating an offer to an artist. We understand how to negotiate the artists fee, rider and production details.

Performance Agreement

A strong performance agreement is important for all parties involved. Allow our team to draft one on your behalf.

Event Production & Logistics

From logistics and scheduling to technical details, we’ve got it covered. Our event production service includes but is not limited to working with a venue, sourcing a sound system, stage, lighting and audio engineers. Let us handle these details so you can focus on enjoying your event.

Onsite Production Management

Let us know if you need help on the day of the event and we can assign you an event manager to manage the stage and production of your event.

Post Event Evaluation

Our team will touch base with after the event to discuss how the event went and if there was anything that we could have done better.