Music Curation

Personally curated music for your business

We offer licensed and legal music services to a variety of industries including: Restaurants, Retail Stores, Bars, Festivals, Cafes, Hotels & many more!

Custom built music experience for your brand

Our goal is to create a playlist that is unique and perfect for your venue. We develop all of our playlists specifically for each client, it starts with a discovery phase where we learn about your brand.

Our services

Custom Built Music Experience For Your Brand

During our discovery phase, our curator will meet with your team to identify what makes your brand unique. We want to understand it’s personality, culture and most importantly whom it speaks to.

Developing Your Sound Together

After our initial meeting, our curator will take the insights learned from our discovery phase and create a draft playlist for your team. At this point, we listen. We ask our clients to give us their feedback and confirmation that this music properly represents their brand.

Fully Licensed Music

All of our music is fully licensed for commercial use and doesn’t require any complicated or expensive hardware. Our team will install an app in your venue and connect it with your profile.

Business Types

We offer licensed and legal music services to a variety of industries including restaurants, retail stores, bars, festivals, cafes, hotels and many more!

Scheduled Playlists

Set the mood any time of day. Schedule different playlists for different times of day.

Ongoing Curation

Each client establishes an editing schedule with our curation team based on their own needs.