Event Sponsorship

Let us help you find companies and brands to sponsor your event

Our team can help you build a sponsorship deck and reach out to our existing network of event sponsors.

What are sponsors looking for?

Increased sales and improved brand awareness. Event sponsorship is a highly specialized form of marketing connecting brands with unique experiences and your attendees aka potential customers.

Our services

Sponsorship Assets

We can do an audit of your sponsorship assets and help you build a sponsorship deck to present to potential sponsors.

Sponsorship Proposal Writing

Let us help you write a proposal that will attract the right kind of sponsor.

Negotiation Support

We can work with all of the parties involved to negotiate the terms and details of your sponsorship.

Source of Funding

Corporate sponsorship is an excellent way to increase the funding for your event and bring it to another level.

Increased Sales

Every attendee of your event is coming for a unique experience, and companies want to be apart of that. They understand that their customers are going to events. Having their brand front and center can directly help increase their sales.

Improved Brand Image

Sponsorship plays an increasingly important role in giving companies a competitive advantage of increased brand awareness in their markets.