Vancouver alternative-rock group Sonic Break are getting ready to release their newest single “Collide” in just a few weeks. After working tirelessly in the studio and revamping their stage name, we wanted to find out more about their next chapter in music and how they got there. 

Sonic Break’s journey in music began when brothers Rory and Jamie Mackay heard Nirvana’s renowned album, Nevermind, for the first time. Inspired by the iconic 90’s alternative record, they bought a used guitar the next day and immediately started writing their own songs. When they began playing with a band, their singer/songwriter sound evolved into a layered, dynamic and energetic rock soundscape; the perfect combination for featuring their searing leads, hooky melodies and powerful lyrics. 

Since joining forces with drummer Ryan Grohn and bassist Ash Shenoy, Sonic Break’s creative process and spark comes from collaboration. Whether the beginnings of writing a new song starts with a catchy guitar riff or a meaningful lyric, the band all works on their craft together — creating music that’s authentic for all of the players. The inspiration behind their new music is “the magic that happens when you have a part of a song and then share it with your band members. Together you create something you would never have come up with on your own.” 

With years of honing their songwriting skills and playing live shows under their belts, the band began recording their new material at Fader Mountain Studios late last year with acclaimed Canadian record producer and engineer, Darren Grahn (who has worked with Bon Jovi, Metallica, Mötley Crüe and 54-40). 

It has been super exciting to move from home recording our songs to recording in a professional recording studio (Fader Mountain Sound) with amazing producer Darren Grahn. Working with a producer like Darren and having his input with regard to arrangement, layering, tone selection, harmony vocals, and countless other details has been invaluable and resulted in songs that we are truly proud to release to the world.” 

With amazing new music now ready to be heard, Sonic Break needed the perfect new name. Inspired by their other passion for surfing, the group initially went as The Break since one of their favorite places in the world to be is at a surf break. But like many up and coming bands and artists, they had found someone else had the same idea for a band name so it was back to the drawing board. 

After several months of agonizing we finally came upon our name Sonic Break and we are super happy with it. It kind of has a double meaning in that it refers to the sound of the waves breaking at a surf break while it also could be thought of as just taking a break to listen to some great music!” 

Now with their name finalized and music mastered, Sonic Break will be celebrating their new music at the Railway Stage & Beer Café on August 24th! Hear them live and be a part of the celebration: www.showpass.com/sonic-break-release-show-for-collide-railway-stage/

Written by Rachael Schroeder