As Toronto rockers Ferraro are on the road for their Canadian tour, we wanted to find out more about this trio of brothers’ journey in music before they hit the Railway Stage in Vancouver, BC this Thursday, February 27th. 

Growing up guitarist Cosmo, bassist Tally and drummer Gianni (each member sings) were constantly immersed in music. With their family owning and operating The Cameron House, a popular music venue in Toronto as well as a hub for emerging artists and bands, the brothers were around a wide variety of talent.

“We grew up surrounded by music and musicians, the majority of which are local to Toronto. That exposure has been one of the major factors in our career.”

Although the band doesn’t recall when they began playing together, it’s no surprise each one was drawn to creating music. Through their family’s venue they were able to learn from the musicians that came through, build connections within the industry, play shows and most importantly start writing their own songs.

Since their beginnings of honing their sound at the Toronto venue, Ferraro has released multiple projects. They’ve also played showcases at NXNE and CMW, as well as opened for Arkells, The Sam Roberts Band and Big Sugar. Even with their impressive milestones so far, they are only getting started. The sibling trio is gearing up to take their career to the next level with a six-track Warner Music Canada EP which will explore themes of love, relationships and partying.

Our upcoming EP was a new experience for us, in that almost all the songs were a collaboration. We had the opportunity to work with some really talented people (The Darcys, Joel Stouffer, Tawgs). The collaboration led to what we think are our best songs, so far!”

With their latest single release “You Look Good Like That” (co-wrote and produced by Thomas “Tawgs” Salter [Dear Rouge, Mother Mother, USS]) and an upcoming EP, Ferraro is embarking on a Canadian tour. 

It’s sort of a right of passage. Every (Canadian) band we look up to has done a van tour across the country. We look forward to joining that club.”

Bringing their dynamic sound and live show across the country, the brothers are looking forward to “seeing new places and meeting the wide variety of people across Canada” as well as creating connections with new fans.

“Our hope is [that] they enjoy themselves! We love to see people dancing, smiling, drinking, being included in the show. Our ultimate hope is they leave and tell [their] friends, ‘you gotta see them live’”.

Catch Ferraro live at the Railway Stage & Beer Café this Thursday, February 27th. Don’t miss these stellar up-and-coming rockers, get your advance tickets here: https://www.showpass.com/ferraro-guests-railway-stage-beer-cafe

Written by Rachael Schroeder