Up-and-coming rock group Blue Arbutus are capturing the Vancouver music scene’s attention with their elaborate vocal melodies, bluesy riffs and foot-stomping beats. Before they play the Railway Stage & Beer Café this Saturday, January 18th, we wanted to find out more about how they began collaborating together and their evolution as a band. 

Although this line-up has only been together for the past four months, Blue Arbutus has been a long time in the making. Guitarist and band founder Simon Barer worked with various musicians but could never find the right fit for the project until drummer Wyatt Gilson joined the group. Soon after, the rest of the members fell into place when they came across lead vocalist Ben Jackson while he was busking and bassist Jack Blaue through recommendations. 

With a stellar collective of musicians ready to create, Blue Arbutus began discovering and building their sound. Inspired by Led Zeppelin, Black Keys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and The Beatles, the band likes to bring a piece of each of the legendary rock groups into their music. Describing their sound as “riff-heavy blues rock, with vocal harmonies and funky beats thrown in for good measure” they are constantly writing and jamming whenever inspiration hits to let “the music take [them] wherever it wants to go.” 

With their sound becoming more established and their following growing, Blue Arbutus are bringing their music to the stage. “We love connecting with the audience and getting people up and dancing; Harnessing that feeling of love for our own music and projecting it out from the stage, and seeing how people [will] react”. 

Passionate about each show being a unique experience, the group is constantly adding new and adventurous material to their sets as well as incorporating their love of jamming in the live shows by letting “[their] passion and energy guide [them] through the show”. 

Hear Blue Arbutus for yourself this Saturday, January 18th live at the Railway Stage & Beer Café, get your advance tickets here: https://www.showpass.com/blue-arbutus-guests-railway-stage-beer-cafe-2

With plans to continue rocking the Vancouver stages and release music this Summer, be sure to follow them for their upcoming announcements here: Facebook, InstagramSpotify.

Written by Rachael Schroeder