Finding the Perfect Cover Band for Your Event

Music is an important element for any event or venue, it can be a great tool to set the tone for your attendees. Knowing what to look for when hiring musicians can help make sure you get the right kind of music for any occasion.

Here are five elements to keep in mind when hiring the perfect cover band:

1. Right Genre

From the genre and tempo to the energy level of the band, it’s important to pick a band or solo artist that makes sense for the atmosphere you’re trying to create and that the audience members will enjoy. While a jazz trio could be perfect for a hotel lounge, it may not be the right fit for a downtown rock venue.

2. Professional

While not every attendee will notice the difference between seasoned professionals or amateur hobbyist musicians, it’s important that you can trust the band you hire to put on a great show. Anything from last minute schedule changes to set list requests won’t phase a professional band with their years of experience and preparedness. With knowing the technical side of music inside and out, they’ll be able to focus on playing an entertaining set that you and your guests will enjoy.

3. Right For Your Venue

While having a consistent genre and feel for music is important, musicians knowing a wide range of songs will only enhance your event. From standards to today’s hits, a band with a diverse and dynamic setlist will ensure each one of your attendees will have a song they enjoy.

4. Show Production

With a perfect band in place, it’s equally important to have the proper setup for them to play. Hiring a professional soundtech and making sure the event space has the right sound gear will help minimize any technical issues that could occur. It’s also important to make sure the venue has proper and appropriate lighting for the show, not over or underdone.

5. Performance Agreement

Music is fun but it’s still a business. Make sure you have a signed contract with the band you are hiring to manage all expectations for both parties. From payment to set lengths, this will help ensure everyone is one the same page and set you up for a successful business partnership and event.

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