BEST NIGHT EVER are bringing their unique brand of meticulously crafted neo-motown tunes to music festivals and live venues across the West Coast in 2020. Treading the line between modern & vintage, their soulful sound is reminiscent of golden-era Stevie Wonder with a healthy helping of modern R&B & pop influences. 2017 CBC Searchlight finalists, they’ve shared the stage with Canadian hit makers Nick Gilder & Sweeney Todd (“Roxy Roller”), viral YouTube sensation B. Rich (“Out for a Rip”), and west coast mainstays Bend Sinister & Tonye.

In 2019, the band released brand new singles including the dreamy and ethereal “Writing on the Wall”, the reggae-soul tinged “Easy to Love” and the 90’s-esque R&B bop “Better”. They’ve also seen their live performance videos become viral sensations of their own, accumulating nearly 2 million views online since getting a bump in April 2019. On the way this year are more new singles, each with their own distinctive musical sound and unique visual artwork alongside a slew of new high quality live performance videos to meet the demands of their burgeoning (and international) YouTube fanbase.